3 Internet Giants Slowly Getting Into the Online Casino Industry

Online Casino Industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. It is no longer considered a shady industry that was used by con men. Now, Internet gamblers from across the world are enjoying their choice of playing games on a reliable online casino. The benefits of playing in an online casino include a safe gambling experience and the convenience of waiting or placing bets in the comfort of your home. There is no more need to get ready to travel or spend money in order to go and gamble in a real casino. On top of that, there are a lot of new online casinos for Australians that offer a variety of different games.

Thanks to widespread cyber currency, which is becoming a worldwide problem. Now, most online casinos are accepting only Bitcoins as a payment method. Also, many online casinos are starting to allow players to also use BitUSD as payment. Most gamblers prefer this new payment system because it’s secure, and they can avoid giving out their private information. It is also easier to learn about new casinos since they are becoming transparent by choosing to go with the association of leading gambling organizations.

The new players in the online casino industry are basically interested in finding sites with the best bonuses and promotions. The more bonuses and promotions a site has, the better. In Australia, there are various gambling sites that offer great gaming offers to attract new players. These bonuses can range from free spins to no deposit bonuses and even cash prizes. With the great selection of promotions, Australian gamblers won’t run out of websites to play in once they decided to join a gambling club.

Now, most of the known internet giants today are also slowly engaging in the online casino.

Internet giants Google, Facebook, and Amazon are expanding their empires further to the online casino industry. Because of the pandemic and the rapid growth of the online casino industry, many large companies began to invest in online casinos.


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In this article, we will learn about how these large companies utilized their connections to take part in the growing economy of online casinos.

Lockdown Means More Online Games

Because of the COVID lockdown, many people of all ages began to turn to the internet, primarily online gaming, for entertainment. Since they are not allowed to go outside for some time and are spending more time at home, people started to find ways to entertain themselves and fight boredom. With that, other tech companies also started to join the trend and partnered with online casinos and take the opportunity to expand their market.

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Google Goes Gaming

Google is now opening its doors to the new gaming service, Stadia Pro. The giant internet operator allowed public access to Stadia Pro for two months. This strategy will enable the users to get to know the game, and once they like it, they will then subscribe after the two-month trial period.

The free-trial period of Google also became windows to those who want to try other forms of entertainment during the lockdown.

Apart from the free-trial access with Stadia Pro, Google announced that it would allow advertisements from four US States, namely, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. The company shared its thoughts that they support responsible gambling and also take the gambling laws seriously.

The four states currently allow online casinos on their premises, but all have specific gambling laws supporting the gambling industry.

Facebook Launches Tournament Gaming

Facebook is also famous for its gaming feature, which allows Facebook friends to compete or share a game using the application. Presently, the social networking site launched its Tournament feature in the Gaming section, and it will allow the users to create tournaments with their Facebook friends and even non-Facebook friends.

The Tournament feature also has the games Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite. Using the function, the tournament creator can design and configure the game. S/he can even invite Facebook users that are not on the friends’ list to be on the game. All the proceeds from the feature will all go to charities.

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Facebook is known to feature many online casino games in its Gaming section. It also allows gambling ads on the site.

Amazon’s Live Streaming App

Twitch, Amazon’s live-streaming app, is currently getting fame for the last two months, and the company is taking the opportunity to offer Twitch users and the Prime subscribers’ free games. E-sports betting could also do a tandem with the live-streaming application.

Some of the games of Amazon are Earthlock and Turok.