Imperial Riches


Imperial riches is one of the most sought after slot machines in casinos. Its popularity has been attributed to its success in increasing the jackpot amounts of the casino games. What is more interesting is that this machine can be found in many different casinos all around the world. It is also commonly placed in high roller slots or big four video slots. Imperial rakes in more reels than any other slot machine, which is why it receives so much attention from slot players. The reels on this machine are designed in a way that they are easier to handle than others.

In terms of payouts, players can expect about two to three hundred and fifty points for every single bet that they make on this machine. Its maximum payout however, is a little over eight hundred and fifty points. A successful player will be able to win nearly one thousand dollars on an entire bet, depending on their individual payout limit. Some lucky players may be able to win as much as ten thousand dollars on an entire bet.

There are many symbols associated with the game of Imperial riches. Some of these symbols include: the five-pointed star, the bamboo leaf, the dragon, the wheel, the sun, and the lightning bolt. There are also numbers on the game board, which correspond to the game’s graphics. You will notice that there are some numbers that bear names that could possibly clue you in as to what symbols are part of the game, such as the number 23.